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Empowered by Independence

People with spinal cord injury (SCI) will enjoy
life in the ways that matter to them.

ARC Therapy™ is targeted, programmed electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to restore movement, function, and independence in people with SCI.

Our Therapy

Pioneering Science

Our work builds on decades of
research and translational
science by giants in this
important and emerging field

“Functional recovery once deemed impossible may now be in reach.”

Marco Baptista, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Discover Our Therapy

Investigational ARC Therapy is targeted, programmed stimulation of the spinal cord to restore movement and autonomic function after spinal cord injury (SCI).

Our current plans include commercializing ARC Therapy to restore movement of the upper and lower limbs and to stabilize blood pressure after SCI. Based on a clinical feasibility study, ARC Therapy also has the potential to help those living with Parkinson’s disease address movement challenges, such as freezing of gait. We also plan to investigate the potential for ARC Therapy to help people who have suffered a stroke.

ARC Therapy is designed to be delivered by our external, non-invasive ARCEX® or implantable, minimally-invasive ARCIM® technology platform. We are also developing AI-driven brain-computer interface technology, called ARCBCI.

Read The Evidence

The results from our Up-LIFT pivotal trial were published in Nature Medicine, one of the world’s preeminent scientific journals.

The Up-LIFT study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of non-invasive electrical spinal cord stimulation (ARCEX Therapy) to improve upper limb mobility in people with chronic incomplete tetraplegia. The clinical study enrolled 65 people at 14 leading SCI centers in the US, Europe, and Canada.

Highlights* include:
Primary safety and effectiveness endpoints met.
90% of participants improved strength or function of their upper limbs.
87% of participants reported improvement in quality of life.
Improvement was demonstrated in participants up to 34 years post-injury.

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ARC Therapy Evidence

We have a growing body of evidence for multiple indications across both our external and implantable technology platforms

This is a example

ARCEX Therapy

Nearly 120 participants across 8 clinical feasibility studies, the Up-LIFT pivotal trial, and the LIFT Home study

ARCIM Therapy

Nearly 30 patients across 4 clinical feasibility studies for blood pressure stability, 3 clinical feasibility studies for mobility, and a clinical feasibility study for Parkinson’s disease

ARCIM Therapy + BCI

2 study participants using ARCIM Therapy augmented by an implanted brain-computer interface to restore thought-driven movement

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Be an ARC Therapy Investigator

If you are interested in conducting
an Investigator Initiated Study or
joining an already planned study, please email

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All ONWARD® Medical devices and therapies referenced here, including but not limited to ARCIM®, ARCEX®, ARCBCI™, and ARC Therapy™, alone or in combination with a brain-computer interface (BCI), are investigational and not available for commercial use.

*Moritz, Chet, et al. “Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation for arm and hand function in chronic tetraplegia: a safety and efficacy trial.” Nature Medicine. 2024.

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